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Nice idea. Real charming. Got some kind of "epic charm". Nice colors,t oo.

That was CRAZY. Good job. Awesome awesome awesome! 3 out of 3 stars!

Looking forward to seeing more of your stuff!

A movie is two things; everything before the ending and the ending.
I think if you didn't reveal that he was a teddy bear in the beginning and only reveal taht in the end, then the ending could be more compelling. Cause right now, it's like "Why am I watching?". So if you started off with him already being a live, and DON'T show the bed until the end, then when you ask "Why am I watching?" when he turns into a stuffed animal, then it's like, "Ohhhh!".
It might even turn into a 30 second animation, which is not bad. Less is more.

Anyway, keep it up.

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Thanks dude. Your game made me laugh. Really. I'm still smilnig. ahha

dat story

LOL! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HILARIOUSS!!!

OOGIDIBA responds:

Thanks man! That means alot coming from such a badass animator!

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Wow nice. 0:46 Love the trumpet melody. Added to favorites. Man I keep looping this. Dude. You have to EXTEND THIS SONG! This is only the beginning, it a good 2-3 more minutes to it!!!!!! You have my support on this!

"I see mountains, sunny day, and adventure. Very heroic"

I don't pay attention to NG much. Can you send me a personal message once it's out? Thanks. :)

Bosa responds:

Yes, I will!

Wow did you make this song all by yourself? Is it your creation?
It's an A+

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Nice. I like the white pyramid. And the gold top . It's almost like aliens helped make it, really nice. Foreground and background.

zanaelf responds:

Thank you very much, I am glad you like it :-) Thank you again...

What is Stephen Spielberg doing in here? JK! Good drawing, you got this down. and this was very sweet of you.

hahah you uploaded it. yeah abstract background. wow you're doing a lot of paintings lately, huh.

what doe sthose symbols mean on thes ide of her?

CartoonCoffee responds:

Hahaha yeah, sometimes a quick paint helps clear my head. Those symbols are Om symbols. They have a pretty loaded meaning, but it's seen in religious or other spiritual practices.

Sin has separated us from our heavenly family. The price of sin = eternal death. Jesus paid that price for us by taking our place. If we believe and accept Him as our Lord and Savior we shall not perish but have everlasting life. (Google John 3:16)

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